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Amplify your school's music culture with Musical Dots workshops

We believe everyone deserves a chance to thrive in education.

Our chart quality, multi genre, original music is packed with live instruments and appropriate lyrics engaging and supporting children. Combined with our animated characters, The Dots, our music enhances wellbeing within the schools we work with. Our unique resources combine music curriculum, PSHE guidelines, and Ofsted wellbeing criteria to support young learners.
In our workshops Anna, Meg and The Dots take Early Years and Key Stage One children on an adventure to Musicality. Children engage with a range of musical experiences guaranteed to spark enthusiasm for music and learning, in turn supporting teachers.
The Dots: Forte, Pianissimo, Legato, Staccato and Harmony represent contrasting personalities showing children we learn from each other’s differences. Each Dot plays a different instrument, making the best music when they work as a team. The Dots quickly become role models to EYFS and KS1 children equipping pupils with lasting knowledge of music theory and appreciation
Children find astonishing affinity with The Dots. We see them find their voices and inner confidence to use The Dots to communicate feelings, show empathy and be expressive.

Lasting Benefits

We are passionate our workshop content resonates long after our visit.  To ensure this is possible we equip every school with a Musical Dots Digital Toolkit and conclude visits with afterschool teacher training. We offer parent sessions to inspire the wider school community through the power of appropriate music for children. Not only supporting pupils further, but their caregivers too.


An initial Musical Dots visit usually includes:

  • a welcome assembly
  • 3 or 4 workshops (class groups from EYFS and KS1)
  • teacher training in how to use our Musical Dots Toolkit to support wellbeing, nurture resilience and invigorate learning.


In addition to our Toolkit teachers have unlimited access to The Dots and our music via our YouTube channel. We offer parent sessions as a means to stretch resources into the wider school community, supporting your pupils further. 

Pop your contact details in at the top of this page and we will be in touch with a Musical Dots Workshop Pack. We tailor our delivery to each individual school so look forward to discussing your needs further. 

A note from Anna & Meg

Hi Teachers!

We have worked in schools alongside our performing careers for approaching ten years. We (Anna – PGDip RAM, Meg – Extended Level 6 Teaching Diploma) want to shout from the rooftops about the positive power of music!

Working in schools with thousands of children and their teachers leaves us with no doubt that music as a medium is powerful. We know from neuroscience research that music uniquely activates every part of the brain that has been mapped. And our experience shows our music draws children in, keeps them coming back and establishes lasting, daily impact. At a time when popular culture is more accessible than ever, commercial song lyrics are becoming increasingly inappropriate for children. In response we pooled our industry contacts and experience in the education system to create Musical Dots and we want every school community to experience the positive impact chart quality music with themes for children has on everyone; inspiring children, supporting adults.

Having taught in schools ourselves, we have made our up to date, digital whiteboard resources accessible to both class teachers, and specialist music teachers, at a click.

We love introducing EYFS and KS1 children to The Dots, seeing them captivated and inspired, and equally enjoy showing teachers how Musical Dots can become part of school life.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Anna and Meg

Email us to receive our School Workshop Information Pack. hello@musicaldots.co.uk

What teachers are saying

We worked with Portway Primary School in Newham throughout the creation of Musical Dots. The school was recently awarded Outstanding in their 2019 Ofsted inspection: a leap from previously being categorised as a school in Special Measures.

"Portway pupils have loved making friends with The Dots. They have enjoyed learning about music, improving their singing and found confidence in their musical expression. It has been incredible to see how the children have a sophisticated understanding of musical theory and can apply this in their music, and other, lessons.
Jacqui Waine
Head Teacher
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