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A reassuring hug of a song with a festival vibe

Listen for acoustic guitar and cello.

Like all of us, The Dots are in their houses. Even though they are apart they wanted to find a way to say ‘Hello’ to their friends doing what they love most, singing and dancing.  They have written a conversational song about friendship and have set us the #hellofriendshipchallenge.

The challenge: 

1) learn ‘Hello’ song at home

2) call a friend or family member who have also been learning ‘Hello’

3) sing the song, each performing one line at a time until the chorus when you sing together! 

Living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms are the perfect stages… let’s pass on those smiles!

Tag us @musicaldots Instagram and Twitter or @musicaldotsuk on Facebook and use #hellofriendshipchallenge in your videos. We can’t wait to see them!

What do you and your child enjoy doing together?  Change the words of the song to suit you.  Once your child is familiar with the original version they will easily swap in new ideas – it doesn’t matter if the tune and rhythm changes! If you would rather not sing, simply chat about it, leading on to asking what your child enjoys doing with friends.


A song so super cool you can use it as an incentive for ‘good eating.’

Listen for saxophone and trumpet.

The hilarious voice of superhero, “Superfood”, makes children view fruit and vegetables in a whole new light.  Once your child hears it, they’ll be begging you to play it again…. do so, but only if they eat their fruit and vegetables first! “Everybody shout brussel sprout!” 

Anna’s six year old nephew suffers from severe food allergies so mealtimes are sometimes a challenge. We decided to play on his love for superheroes and pop music creating a track that has helped nurture his enthusiasm for healthy eating. He now believes that fruit and vegetables give you superpowers!  The response to this song has been overwhelming. Not only with Anna’s nephew but also in schools.

Take on the role of Superfood with your little one and in your best superhero voices say

You: Everybody shout brussel sprout

Child: Brussel sprout, brussel sprout!

You: Everybody go avocado

Child: Avocado, avocado!

Can you think of any other fruit or vegetable rhymes?!  Send us an email or video on social media, we’d love to see what Superfood has been up to!

Here We Go!

The perfect answer to are we nearly their yet?when small passengers grow restless.

Join in with our self produced sound effects and silly voices! Allow this track to inspire conversation and movement about travel, exploring and exercise.

Weve learnt one of the best ways to get a little persons attention is by making them laugh. We love experimenting with our voices knowing it will entertain kids so all the sound effects on this track are us. We know people walking past the recording studio that day thought we were crazy but we had our intentions firmly in mindentertained children are much easier to reason with!

Copy our sound effects! Encourage your child to use their voice: experiment and articulate. Chat about which mode of transport takes you to different places. Which is fastest? Which is biggest? Which is loudest? Which way keeps us healthy? If you are at home your child can move around the room as if they are a car, bus, train or plane. Ask them to think of other ways of getting around.

Health and Safety

Think if the Foo Fighters became Health and Safety Officers for the day. Bust out your best air guitar moves to this rock-fuelled-safety-first extravaganza!

Join Health and Safety Policerepresentatives Pat Testing and Vis in a song to stimulate independent learning for your child, as well as discussion, about whats safe and whats not. Were all Health and Safety Policeat heart!

Weve witnessed the mega effect of electric guitar on little people so we wanted to include a rock track showcasing top guitar to tackle a topic that would be particularly helpful to parents. We constantly warn children of day to day hazards and hope as children get hooked on this song it promotes initiative where staying safe is concerned.

Listen for electric keyboard and an epic electric guitar solo at the end of the song! 

Encourage your child to take on the role as a member of the Health and Safety Policetelling you what hazards to avoid. What other situations should Officer Safetyraise awareness about? Get them to think for themselves, telling the grownups how to stay safe. Anna’s niece comes up with new ideas every time we see her!

Pat Testing says Make sure theres plenty of space around you when playing your air guitarBetter safe than sorry!

Scooter Crew

Do you want to join The Dots super SAFE Scooter Crew? Scooting safely round the streets is what we do! HUH!’

Little ones love to zip, zap and zoom around on their micro scooters. There can be some heart stopping moments, especially when scooting near a road, so we wanted to write a cool rap to highlight the importance of scooter safety.  Children love to sing this as they scoot!

Practise the “you need to stop and wait until a grown up comes to show the way” section with your little one. Ask them why this is important and where are the places they think they should do this? You can award Scooter Crew points for everytime they do this when out on their scooter.

Sharing Song

A pop song about kindness, which is what we feel ultimately makes the world go round.

Listen for acoustic guitar, shaker and our Musical Dots choir.

Children are the future.  We are often inspired when teaching in primary schools by how switched on, empathetic and passionate children are.

Parents and teachers alike banged down our door asking for a song promoting sharing.  Using our acting experience we wrote the lyrics in the style of a conversation.  The Dots learn that sharing is the kindest, smartest option; having way more fun when they do. The comedy lyrics set to a pop guitar capture children’s imaginations.  We are so happy to find they practice the song in the playground and teach their siblings at home! 

Tap along to the rhythm at the start of the track with your little one.  Can you clap your hands together to complete the phrase?  Great teamwork!

Act out the song together. If you have a ball and a yellow pen at home you can use them as props for an extra professional performance.  

Discuss how you think each person feels in the song.  Are there times at school or nursery when your little one has seen sharing in action? What did it lead to? How did it make them feel? Talk about the kindness you have shown or experienced recently.

Funky Bunnies

The funky bunnies learnt their groove from the late, great James Brown Bunny. Make some space to bust moves and get down.  Bounce and count like never before.

Listen for the vocoder distorting the sound of the backing vocals.  Can you hear the tambourine? 

Teaching your child to count is a parental prerequisite. This tune is hip with a powerful backbeat. It’s magical seeing rhythm take over a small person, watching them move their bodies freely without premeditation. Musicians and dancers count bars of music. The funky bunnies count in time to the beat up to twenty and back again, while encouraging small people to find their uninhibited physical groove!  The song nurtures rhythm and numeracy while musically ‘funkifying’ your little bunny.  “Shake sh shake sh sh sh shake that tail!”

Do the funky bunny dance!

Numbers = hop up and down.

Funky rabbits = crossed arms like a cool bunny.

Clever rabbits = tap your head.

Cuddly rabbits = hug your arms.

Look the the bunnies = hand above your eyes with a surprised look on your face.



Clear Up Conga

Imagine a world where children can’t wait to tidy up… it’s here!

Join ‘The Dots’ and their ‘Clear Up Conga’ for a New Orleans jazz inspired track so fizzy it will shake up any reticent tidier!

Listen for piano, bass, drums, trumpet and trombone!

Parents and teachers tell us ‘tidy up time’ is a challenging part of the day. We wanted to try and help using the positive power of quality music!

Widely tested in schools and homes; this track is a firm favourite with children, parents and teachers alike with one Mum stating “Clear Up Conga has changed my life!”

The song is jam packed with live instrumentation, played by London’s finest musicians and composed in a way that enables children to pick out the individual instruments.

FACT: When Anna’s Mum heard the demo of this song she suggested Anna should play it in her house. How cheeky?!

Can your little one clear everything away before the song ends? See if they can also identify and mimic the live instruments as they go!


Is the plug in? Well lets begin!This song is the ultimate helping hand at bath time.

Let the repetition, steady soulful rhythm, and fun lyrics guide your little one through bath time and into bed with nothing but smiles and laughter!

We know bath time is a sacred time of day with your child but not always without its challenges as energy levels are low and patience can fray. Also inspired by Auntie time, this was one of the first tracks we wrote creating a lot more giggles and a lot more wiggles in the tub, magically making what can be a difficult routine easier. Scrub takes you through the stages of bath time, supporting routine while connecting and uplifting child and parent following busy days.

Listen for piano, trumpet, trombone, saxophone and gorgeous backing vocals from the sensational Hayley Sanderson.

Simply sing along and do as you sing! The lyric Scrub scrub scrubenhancing squeaky clean children nation wide!

HINT: If the neighbours cant hear you, sing into your toothbrush for greater amplification.


Proven to make even the most hyper of little ones or anxious sleepers unwind their way to Slumbertown. 

Listen for violin, cello, viola and double bass.

Four minutes of soothing melody and reassuring lyrics, set to a beautiful twelve-part string arrangement. 

This track works on adults too! Zzzzzz….

The trickiest track to record as our musicians nearly nodded off!  We wanted to create a song that soothed both musically and lyrically.  We have witnessed its powerful effects on both individual little ones and whole classes, as they wind their way to Slumbertown.  Having taught children coping with parental separation, and knowing the overwhelming impact of music on them, we were determined to write a song that would create great reassurance and escapism for any young person experiencing challenges.  

If you sing along with the song when your child is winding down accentuate the shhhhh of ‘hush.’  What does Slumbertown look like?  Get their imaginations going easing them into happy dreaming.

Watch this space for more music!

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