Meet Anna & Meg

We are Anna and Meg professional performers, teachers and best friends. 

For over ten years, we have worked extensively in the music and entertainment industry. 

Alongside starring in television series, musicals and worldwide tours with our band, we have also been committed to teaching music and performing arts to children.

We believe the cuts to arts budgets are detrimental so we decided to create quality music and make it available to all young children.  We love hearing how our songs inspire the little people in your lives.

Meg Gallagher

Anna says about Meg

“Meg is like a sister to me, I can safely say this because at one time we were performing together, living together and survived to start Musical Dots together! She is a wordsmith with a beautiful voice and an infectious  passion for music and education. There’s nothing better than seeing the effect of the music we’ve written together on little people and hearing how it’s helped caregivers and teachers.”

Anna Gilthorpe

Meg says about Anna

“Anna is a creative spark, always trusting her instinct and setting ideas alight like no-one else I know.  Her versatility and comic intuition captures children’s imaginations and inspires confidence. There is a lot of laughter and shared passion behind the Dottie music you hear.  We hope it brings the same into your homes, cars and classrooms!”

Meet Sean


Anna and Meg say about Sean

“Sean has the best ears in the business”

Sean Hargreaves studied in New York with Barry Harris and at Berklee College of Music. He has appeared on national TV with Michael Buble, as well as working with Natalie Imbruglia, Alison Moyet, Olivia Safe and US3.

His production credits include work for Don Black/ Mica Paris, The Military Wives and Ella Eyre. He has also produced and arranged tracks for Trevor Horn, BBC Big Band and co-wrote the UK’s Eurovision 2018  entry.


Chief Content Consultant

With six years experience of consuming children’s entertainment Aaron is our ears on the ground to ensure our music meets the needs of today’s demanding under eight’s. A bold visionary who is never afraid to speak his mind, Aaron has recently undertaken a number of successful engagements including: 

– Several major Lego re-structuring projects often to tight bedtime deadlines.

– Delivering difficult messages to toys who no longer provide positive entertainment benefit storage ratios.

– Never afraid to manage upwards to parents, aunties or teachers providing them all with targets which often stretch their abilities


Quality Control Inspector

Helena trained to the highest level at the prestigious Tyrannosaurus Rex Communication Academy.

She ensures that all our music is of the utmost quality and matches our mission for inclusivity.

She has three years experience in the music sector and is best known for her pioneering work on the ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep Deal’ where she fought (and won) a bag of wool for the Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.

Our amazingly talented musicians and production team

Nikolas Bjerre

Tim Debney

Barnaby Dickinson

Pete Eckford

Ben Alyn Francis

Jessica Greenfield

Andy Hamill

George Hogg

Jon Kelly

Jim Knight

Thomas Leate

Simon Lea

Peter Navickas

Adam Philips

Emily Pringle

Jamie Pringle

Charlotte Pyne

Camilla Rockley

Helen Sanders Hewett

Hayley Sanderson

Honor Watson

Fulham Primary School