“Everybody! I am going on holiday tomorrow!” Forte announced in the playground.

The Dots gathered around her.

“Wow! Where are you going?” Harmony asked

“I am going to see one of my favourite people in the woooooorld” Forte said with a grin as wide as her drum. “My Grandma. We dress up and Superheroes together and make big dens in her garden”

“Woah she sounds cool man” said Legato who was very impressed . “Where does she live? How will you get to her house?”

“We will take the bus for ten stops. I love the bus, sometimes I even get to sit upstairs and see right across Musicality. Come on Dots jump on!” Forte beckoned them to jump on her imaginary bus.


“That was fun” said Staccato jumping up and down “Guess where I am going tomorrow?”

“To the moon?” said Pianissimo innocently.

“Woah a trip to the moon would be ace but no I’m going to the next best place… the seaside! And I’m going to make sandcastles and if I’m good maybe i’ll be allowed a yummy ice-cream”

“Mmm ice-cream” Legato said dreamily. “How do you get to the seaside?”

‘I’ll give you a clue Legato” Staccato said mischievously “Chugga chugga chugga”

“A train?” the Dots all guessed together.


“What are you doing tomorrow Legato?” Harmony asked

“I’m staying at home, but I’m going to go and run and around in the big park down the road”


“How about you Harmony?” Legato said whilst catching his breath.

“I’m going for a playdate at my friend Soprano’s house” Harmony answered excitedly “We’re going to drive over in our car”.


“Yo, Pianisso” Legato said “Do you have any plans for the holidays?”

“I’m going to a place called Ibiza on an aeroplane. My Mum says there will be a swimming pool when we get there and i can practise my synchronised swimming” Pianissimo explained.

“Wow” the Dots’ exclaimed “You’re going to fly! Neoooooom”


The Dots collapsed in a heap on the floor after all their whizzing around Musicality.

“So tomorrow morning… when we all travel on different modes of transport it will sound like….” Forte trailed off and all The Dots jumped up in the air.



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