It was a big day in Musicality. The Dots were starting a new school.

Staccato shot out of bed in the morning and wolfed down his breakfast as he was so excited to make some new friends. He zoomed out the door, determined not to be late.

As he whizzed past Toot Lane he knocked on Pianissimo’s door to see if she was ready too.

TOOT TOOT, TOOT TOOT the doorbell rang.

As she opened the door, Staccato couldn’t believe that she was still in her pyjamas.

“Pianissimo, why aren’t you ready for school?” he exclaimed.

In the quietest of voices he heard her say “Im not coming” as she shut the door in his face.

TOOT TOOT, TOOT TOOT Staccato rang the bell again.

Pianissimo opened the door and they looked at each other for a moment. Eventually the words started to tumble out of her mouth.

“I feel very nervous about starting a new school. I won’t know where anything is, or who the teachers are and what if nobody wants to play with me?” and with that she shut the door again.

TOOT TOOT, TOOT TOOT TOOOOOOOOOT Staccato kept his finger on the doorbell.

As Pianissimo opened the door he started to speak

“Well guess what Pianissimo? I’m a bit nervous too… but I’m also excited!”

Pianissimo peeped round the door.

“Really?” she said.

“Yes, I’m nervous that I won’t know where the toilets are but I’m am so excited to meet lots of new Dots and play new songs together. It’s going to be so much fun!” he said enthusiastically.

“I do like playing new songs on my flute, it’s my favourite thing to do” Pianissimo said with a twinkle in her voice.

“I’ve heard that Anna and Meg the teachers know so many songs! And they love musical instruments!” Staccato said enthusiastically.

“Even the flute?” she replied hopefully.

“Especially the flute” Staccato said sincerely.

Pianissimo broke into a smile but then suddenly had a thought “But what about making new friends? You are very good at making friends, what is your secret?”

Staccato brushed off his trumpet and gave a few short blasts. “My secret making friend formula is SAY HELLO, SMILE, SMILE, SMILE AND ASK THEM WHAT THEY LIKE TO DO! Let’s sing the ‘Hello’ song”


“Can you wait five minutes Staccato?” Pianissimo said “I’m coming to school!”

“Sure can Pianissimo” Staccato said as he shouted after her. “I’m so pleased we will be going to school together. My Mum says that she is still friends with people that she met at school. I hope we will be friends forever”

“Hello, Staccato, nice to meet you” Pianissimo said arriving at the door ready for school.

“Hello Pianissimo, same to you! Making friendships is our favourite thing to do… oh and please could you help me find the toilets when we get there?”

Pianissimo smiled and nodded and they set off to start their new school together.


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