It was 10am on a Saturday morning and all the Dots had gathered at Legato’s house for a band rehearsal.  Forte was unpacking her drumsticks, Harmony was helping Pianissimo tune up her flute to the piano and Staccato and Legato had started to play some warm up scales together on their trumpet and violin.

Legato held up his hands to get everyone to stop playing and peered over his glasses.

“Ok everyone, thank you for coming today. I’m very excited to write some new songs and show you some new cool things I’ve learnt to play on my violin.  But before we start… my Mum and Dad have told me that we need to decide who is going to be in charge of Health and Safety for our rehearsals”

Pianissmo’s hand shot into the air

“What is Health and Safety?’ she asked quizzically

“A very good question my friend PP” Legato replied “It came about in my household as I left my violin case on the stairs yesterday and my Dad didn’t see it, fell down the last step and hurt his bottom.”

The Dots all stifled a giggle.

“Luckily his bottom helped him bounce so he is OK, but he said it is very important that we follow all the health and safety rules to keep ourselves and our houses safe, safe, safe”.

Staccato shot his hand into the air “We had a health and safety incident at my house too! My dog Timbre got too close to the oven and burnt her nose. She was very sad, I wish I had told her that the oven is dangerous”

“Oh poor Timbre” said Harmony sympathetically “How about we start the Health and Safety Police? We can let Dots (and animals) know how to stay safe”

“Yes”, “Fantastic idea” “Perfect” the Dots chimed in all at once.

“Like the wire to my microphone should be taped to the floor so that no-one trips over it” she quipped spotting a dangly wire

“And nobody should touch the electric sockets as they are very, very dangerous. Only adults can touch those” said Pianissimo.

“And we can all look out for ourselves and each other to stay safe!” Legato said excitedly. “i think we need somebody to be the Head of our Health and Safety Police… someone who can get peoples’ attention and say STOP in a big loud voice…”

They all whipped their heads and looked across to the drum kit and pointed at Forte.

“Cool” said Forte “Who could do that?”

“You Forte!” said Harmony “You have the loudest voice I know and are brilliant at talking to people.  If we think we see something that could be dangerous, all you have to do is say ‘Health and Safety’ in a big loud voice and we’ll make sure it is safe.”

“Wow” Forte replied, taken aback “What an honour to be the head of the Health and Safety Police. I’m so excited!”

She popped her head around the door and shouted ‘HEALTH AND SAFETY!’ just as Legato’s Dad was coming down the stairs. The Dots rushed to the door.

“Dad watch out there’s a ball on the stairs!” Legato followed up with.

Legato’s Dad froze on the spot, just before stepping on the ball. “Thank you so much Dots. I didn’t see that at all. You kept me safe! Well done Forte for thinking on your feet and using your voice.  I hope your rehearsal goes well.”

“Thanks Dad. We’ve actually written a new song inspired by you. Let’s play it”




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